For Providers

Prospective Provider Members

Be part of the provider-led consortium! If you’re looking for an organization focused on interoperable applications developed around an authentic healthcare environment, welcome to HSPC. We are the only provider-led consortium working on a unique set of objectives to assure true, semantic interoperability.

HSPC counts provider members from organizations of all sizes, and include Intermountain Healthcare, the Veteran’s Administration, and more. We’re doing exciting work in several areas, including developing technical standards for interoperable healthcare applications and launching the first marketplace for such applications. Join us today!

Value for Members

  • Ability to leverage the work of others, thereby reducing development costs
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risks sooner, more effectively, and at a lower cost
  • A vendor-neutral healthcare community cloud that supports key objectives, with development costs shared among community participants
  • Ability to monetize agreed-to assets through a community-based marketplace
  • Reduced time-to-market through parallel collaborations
  • A sense of community, with a shared vision for facilitating care coordination and connected health
  • The combined strength of a community that will result in greater impact than any single organization can achieve individually

Current Provider Members