For Developers

Prospective Developer Members

Join HSPC today to be part of a community where international experts in knowledge-driven, service oriented, collaborative health initiatives are focused on creating an interoperable platform with business models that support its evolution.

Value for Members

  • Ability to leverage the work of other, thereby reducing development costs
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risks sooner, more effectively, and at a lower cost
  • A vendor-neutral healthcare community cloud that supports key objectives, with development costs shared among community participants
  • Ability to monetize agreed-to assets through a community-based marketplace
  • Reduced time-to-market through parallel collaborations
  • A sense of community, with a shared vision for facilitating care coordination and connected health
  • The combined strength of a community that will result in greater impact than any single organization can achieve individually

Current Developer Members

HSPC developer members have all the resources they need to avoid the customization logjam. From services, artifacts and protocols to peer interaction and community, HSPC is where developers gather to create interoperable, innovative applications.

Looking for a particular resource? Visit the HSPC Wiki . It’s stocked with everything needed to create a plug-and-play healthcare application for today’s major EHRs and other systems.

Have an application you’d like to share with others? Get it certified and make it available in the HSPC Marketplace.

Want to get involved? Check out the Technology & Architecture CommitteeDeveloper Discussion Forum, or attend our next meeting.

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